Fraud Exposed: Anambra State Pupil’s Attempt to Deceive JAMB and Innoson Backfires!

In a shocking turn of events, Ejikeme Joy Mmesoma, an SS3 student from Anambra State, attempted to deceive both the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and renowned company Innoson by inflating her JAMB result to secure a scholarship. The student initially scored 249 but ingeniously manipulated the figure to 362, supposedly aligning it with the top scorer of the previous year’s JAMB examination.

Mmesoma seemed to be on the path to success, having received a substantial sum of ₦3 million from Innoson and an upcoming honor award from Governor Charles Soludo. However, her cunning plan took an unexpected turn when JAMB introduced a redesigned 2023 UTME result sheet, which exposed the fraud.

A government official from Anambra State, seeking to verify Mmesoma’s result, contacted JAMB, only to discover that her claimed score of 362 was entirely false. In reality, she had obtained a score of 249, far below her fabricated achievement.

Consequently, JAMB has not only withdrawn Mmesoma’s result but has also decided to press charges against her for attempting to deceive the board. The consequences of her actions have swiftly turned her aspirations of a scholarship and accolades into a grim reality.

Amidst this scandal, Umeh Kamsiyochukwu Precious emerged as the highest scorer in the 2023 JAMB examination, highlighting the true merit and integrity of legitimate achievements.

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