Just In: Orogun Agog as Road Construction Receives Approval From Oborevwori

***Ndakara, Omo-Okpara-Uku, Ogobene, Osawota, Efe-Nogo, others hail Oborevwori as Contractor Mobilizes to Site

In response to the impassioned appeal made by Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara, the President General of Orogun, during the presentation of the staff of office to HRM Omoefe Ozenikpe 1, the Okpara-Uku of Orogun on December 7, 2023, the Governor, Rt. Hon. (Elder) Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, has given the green light for the construction of crucial roads in Orogun.

Second left: Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara, flanked by Engineers & Managers of Gomene Construction Company

During the presentation ceremony, Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara provided insights into the kingdom’s economic contributions, particularly its substantial oil output. He also highlighted various needs of the kingdom, including the completion of the Aragba-Ebor, Obodeti-Otorho Orogun Road. Chief Ndakara also emphasized the historical oversight of not providing an official vehicle for the Orogun monarch and stressed the importance of renovating the community center, which will aid in youth development.

Chief Benson Ndakara while welcoming Sir John Onyeme to Orogun during the staff of office presentation seems to be saying, “Thank you for the Ebor-Otorho Roads, but I trust you to deliver on the others”, while Adode, Ogobene, Omo Okpara-Uku and Adjerese look on

Additionally, Chief Ndakara drew the Governor’s attention to the Orogun end of the Orogun–Emevor Road, the Orogun end of the Orogun-Owhologbo Road, and the ongoing construction of a ring road. This ring road is expected to alleviate traffic and pressure off the main town, thereby expanding the community among others.

The Deputy Governor, Sir John Onyeme, in his response, reassured the people of Orogun that the kingdom would not be left out in the sustainable developmental plans of the administration. He specifically addressed the road concerns, stating, “The roads that you talked about, we will report it to the appropriate agencies. Both the Commissioner for Urban and the Commissioner for Rural are people that are very close to me, and I am sure we will work together, and something will come to Orogun kingdom.”

Sir Monday Oyeme, Deputy Governor of Delta State
“…something will come to Orogun kingdom.”- Sir John Onyeme

Following this assurance, and the Governor’s timeous and gracious approval, Chief Barr. Benson Ndakara joyously broke the news to Orogun indigenes, revealing that Gomene Construction, the contractor, had been instructed by the Governor to mobilize to the road construction site. He expressed gratitude to the Governor for the prompt response to their appeal.

Meanwhile, Chief Benson Ndakara further revealed that the contractor has mobilized to the site. In his words, “I was at the construction site today, Sunday, the 4th of February 2024, to meet with the engineers and managers. I also drew their attention to the ATAKIRI PORTION of the road that originally had a bridge. They noted it and explained it based on their design, but I insisted on the need for the bridge, as the lack of it was causing flooding to neighboring compounds. They then agreed to take our complaint to the Ministry of Works for adjustment. Work in progress!”

In a related development, since the news broke out, sons and daughters of Orogun have expressed joy and gratitude to the Delta State Government for its commitment to the development of Orogun kingdom.

“We very much appreciate His Excellency, the governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon. (Elder) Sheriff Francis Oborevwori for making the needs of Orogun kingdom a priority. We will ensure a peaceful environment for the contractors to work without let or hindrance so that more projects can come to the kingdom.”- Chief Emmanuel Omoife, Omo-Okpara-Uku of Orogun

“Let me appreciate His Excellency, Rt. Hon. (Elder) Sheriff Francis Oborevwori for acceding to the demands of Orogun kingdom. These new constructions reflect the government’s commitment to enhancing the infrastructure in our kingdom and of course, every part of Delta State. Moreover, there are promising prospects for MORE projects slated for Orogun for the benefit of the community”- Chief Emmanuel Ogobene, member of Delta State Peace and Advisory Council

“Thank you Your Excellency for approving the road construction in Orogun. This road corridor means a lot to our community’s development because of its potential to even out development from the center of the kingdom.-Chief Do-Good O. Efe-Nogo (JP), Oruese 1 of Orogun Kingdom

“I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to our amiable President General, Chief Benson Ndakara for his unwavering commitment to our community’s growth and development. Kudos to the governor for this and more projects for our kingdom. We are most grateful.“- Mr. Paul Otu, FCA

“Alleluia! Thank God. We appreciate your progressive leadership Sir” Comrade Efe Agabi

“To God be the glory. Kudos to the governor and our PG”Mr. Foster Akpore

“To God be the glory” Mr. Onwara Ogbevire Precious Omosomuofa

Thank God for that. It’s a welcome development” – Mr. Axiel Umukoro (aka Jogodo)

“Praise God!”Hon. Patience Odiri Awero (JP)

“To God be the glory. Most awaited link road. We are proud of you, PG. My regards to the governor for his quick response”Hon. Eliot Odiushovwi

“Congratulations to us all on this beautiful development. A very big thank you to our hardworking PG! Wo su tor” Mr. Kenneth Enwefah

“Great news. Thanks for your effort”.Chief Kenn. Enwefah

“We thank God Almighty for this opportunity, appreciate PG for Solomonic wisdom in managing humanity, and honor HE the governor for prioritizing Orogun projects”Olorogun Dr. Austin Akpede

“Governor Sheriff will do more”Miss Elohor Agbavwe


“Very good news, my PG. Thanks be to God and kudos to our governor. More Grace to you.” – Mr. Smart Adugbo

“Glory be to God in the highest. We are exceedingly grateful to the Governor. Thank you very much, our PG, for the follow-up on the request you made in your speech that resulted in this breakthrough. God Almighty bless you abundantly in Jesus’ name”Sir Felix Osawota

“We are grateful to God Almighty and thankful to our governor for his quick response to our PG’s speech” – Evang. Oghotomuaghan Ogheneruemu Jeetendra

“Great news this new year 2024. Finally, our communities will be linked up after so many years of neglect. We praise God and the Governor of Delta State” Mr. Okpogoro Ade Fred

“This is great and good news for the kingdom. Aragba to Ebor is very okay.” Mr. Efetobor Innocent

“Gbam, your head get oil jare, kudos to PG”Chief Hon. Henry Itedjere

“Migwo revered senior, God bless you real good, your reign as a PG in OROGUN KINGDOM IS A BLESSING TO US.MAY ALMIGHTY GOD TAKE YOUR CAUSE IN EVERY ENDEAVORS OF LIFE”– Mr. Newman

Great News for Orogun kingdom”Chief Innocent Edewor

Your reign as PG of Orogun kingdom brought good things to the kingdom, you are a real GEN. Thanks for your efforts toward the growth of the kingdom.“- Mr. Jomo Authority Akpede

“Honestly, this is good news.“- Barr. Thompson Opone

“Fantastic!”- Mr. Erhimeyoma

“This is really good news and I appreciate my PG of Orogun Kingdom Chief Barr Benson Ndakara for his unrelenting and doggedness in the pursuit of his vision for the development of Orogun Kingdom. Bravo, thanks a lot and it’s my prayer that this project should be completed this time around. My people from Obodeti Community are fully ready to cooperate with the contractors to have a smooth and free working environment, thanks.”Sir Chief Solomon Awero

“My Distinguished and most respected PG of Orogun Kingdom [world wide.] God bless you. Holy Ghost oil is ur second name. Good luck is ur other name. I talk and do is ur third name. Call me at the day and night is your other name. etc. God bless you sir. Migwo sir.”Chief Edeki Akporugo

“I thank the Almighty source of Creation, PG you are blessing to Orogun,”Mr. Otareri Philip

“Well Done, More Grace To Your Leadership. Wo Su Tor!”Hon. Ebu-Joe

“When the righteous are in Authority, the people rejoice (Proverbs 29 vs 2)”Chief (Mrs) Ese Osawota

“Glory be to God Almighty. May God Almighty continue to bless your good work for our great kingdom”Mr. Gideon Egbeme

Interesting, God bless PG” Elder Moses Macaulay

“Glory glory glory be to the most high.”Chief Blessing

“Great and cheering news! And to the Governor? We’re very grateful. And I think we must advise that Contractors should be given a hearing hand to enable them to do a good job. Thanks Chairman for always being a harbinger of Good News”Mr. Adugbo M.

“Ōruërakpō! Wo nakōkō. This government is truly and simply people-oriented irrespective of political party affiliation. Trust and have faith in it. MORE benefits of democracy await Orogun Land in this dispensation. I tell you since the sky is existing…..”Chief David Ejukonemu

“As u dey always get time for Orogun matters, na so God go always dey respond to your requests.Migwo, PG.”Mr. Eric Okunima

“This is great”Adjerese Oghene-Meshach Anuku

“My trust in your personality is unwavering. Your target of development would be met. Keep pushing, my Kingdom PG”Mr. Oweibo Jonathan

“God bless our capacity PG” Hon. Eliot Odiushovwi

“Kudos to the indefatigable PG of OROGUN Kingdom. May God continue to always take your course in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you Sir.”Mr. Orogunfere Felix

Responding to the massive show of appreciation for his indefatigable and purposeful leadership, the humble and unassuming Chief Benson Ndakara said, “MMILI WIKE AZU… WATER IS THE STRENGTH OF FISH… YOU ARE MY STRENGTH. MY REGARDS TO THE HOUSE.”

The Governor’s commitment to addressing these needs has brought hope and excitement to the people of Orogun, who eagerly anticipate the speedy completion of the road construction projects and other needs as outlined by the President General. The peaceful kingdom looks forward to a transformative period of development and progress under His Excellency, Rt. Hon. (Elder) Sheriff Francis Oborevwori’s MORE agenda.

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