Union of Udu Communities Hosts Annual Conference and Anniversary Lecture

Otor-Udu, June 1, 2024

By Foster Akpore

The Union of Udu Communities (UUC) held its 2024 Annual Conference and Anniversary Lecture under the theme “Udu Today: Which Way Forward.” The event, held at the Otor-Udu Community Town Hall, was chaired by Chief Oghene-aga Andrew Orugbo, Chairman of the Governing Council of Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe, Oghara.

Olorogun Austin Emaduku and Chief Oghene-aga Andrew Orugbo flanked by UUC Executives

The highlight of the conference was an inspiring lecture titled “Building the Udu of Our Dreams in the 21st Century,” delivered by Professor Godfrey Ejiroghene Akpojotor, a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Delta State University, Abraka. Professor Akpojotor emphasized the importance of visionary leadership and collective effort in advancing Udu. He urged the community to adopt the President General’s (PG) speech as a working document and stressed the need for selfless leadership to overcome the challenges facing Udu.

In his opening remarks, Chief Orugbo praised the leadership of Olorogun Austin Emaduku, stating, “Chief Emaduku is leading well. If he is not leading well, we will not be able to get this large number of attendees. You don’t support a lazy man. It’s a strong man that is worthy to be supported.”

Olorogun Austin Emaduku, the President General, reflected on the administration’s first year. In his words, “When we were elected, it was celebrated across Udu with pomp and pageantry. Recognizing that underneath the celebrations was high expectations, upon assumption of the mantle of leadership; I pledged to work with everyone to ensure the delivery of meaningful development. Since that time, we have been working assiduously to meet these expectations. These expectations have been the driving force propelling us. Today, I can most assuredly declare that at the end of one year, we have recorded some laudable accomplishments.”

Olorogun Austin Emaduku, President General, UUC

Olorogun Emaduku highlighted several key achievements, including:

Community Engagement: Conducted a thank you tour and fostered collaborations.
Infrastructure Improvement: Rehabilitated key road segments.
Enhanced Coordination: Improved coordination among community leaders and groups.
Cultural Revival: Organized the first Udu cultural carnival.
Peace and Security: Prioritized community peace and resolved conflicts.
Heritage Preservation: Advocated for proper naming of Udu territories.
Conflict Resolution: Addressed the Aladja and Ogbe-Ijoh crises.
Development Strategies: Established an Udu Working Group.
Female Leadership: Inaugurated the Emete Udu Forum.
Market Land Dispute: Investigated and addressed rumours of the sale of Udu Harbour Market land.

Looking forward, Emaduku outlined future goals and challenges, including nurturing political unity, securing funding, improving infrastructure, and advocating for the construction of a second Udu bridge. He concluded by thanking his executive committee, community leaders, and God for their support.

Special guests at the event included Hon. Collins Ovie Egbetamah, Hon. Vincent Ogheneruemu Oyibode, Hon. Peter Okagbare Uviejitobor, Hon. Eddie Ono-Sorhue, Hon. Henry Afure Sakpra, Mrs. Blessyn Brume-Ataguba, Hon. Harvest Igben, Chief Benjamin Egbetamah, Chief Francis Orogun, Barr Richard Kpedi, Eminent Amb. Oghior Ododofor, and Hon. Jonathan Karo Goru.

Olorogun Emaduku with the Eghweya

Chief Vincent Oyibode lauded Emaduku’s achievements and emphasized the need for strict leadership to curb cultism and promote development. He warned against political infighting and stressed the importance of community unity and proactive leadership which will be the hallmark of his tenure as Udu Council Chairman.

MR. PATRICK OKORUGBO – Secretary General, The Union of Udu Communities (UUC) announced the replacement of elected executive members who have been absent since June 3, 2023. The following individuals were appointed to their respective positions:

Engr. William Emuophe – 2nd Vice President General, Otor-Udu
Mr. Daniel Tishene – Treasurer, Aladja
Mr. Morrison Eferoro – Assistant Secretary General, Ekete
Barr. Dan Forae – Legal Officer II, Egini
Chief Ejiro Kanyan – Assistant Publicity Secretary, Orhuwhorun
Engr. Friday Kator Sorhue – Otota II, Owhrode
Mr. John Adunu – Ex-Officio (Owhase), Ovwian Ruling House
Mr. John Kobele – Ex-Officio (Okolor W/S), Okporua Ruling House
Chief Johnbull Ugbosu – Ex-Officio (Eglegi), Owhorhu Ruling House
Chief Oyibo Kreghe – Ex-Officio (Orhuwhorun), Orhuwhorun Ruling House
These appointments aim to ensure effective leadership and continuous progress within the UUC.

The conference, which featured music and cultural exhibitions, saw a large turnout of women and youths, underscoring the community’s vibrant engagement and commitment to its future under the visionary leadership of Olorogun Austin Emaduku.

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