Reverend Ukwute donates educational materials to Osimi Primary School

In a heartwarming display of the love of Christ, Rev. Thomas Ukwute has made another significant donation to pupils of Osimi Primary School in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State.

Rev. Ukwute making a presentation to one of the pupils

The renowned cleric, known for his dedication to supporting education and children’s welfare, presented the school with a generous donation of educational materials, including books, stationery, learning aids and school uniforms. The donation is set to benefit the school’s pupils, providing them with access to much-needed resources that will help enhance their learning experience.

Rev. Ukwute unpacking educational materials with staff of Osimi Primary School

Reverend Ukwute who is the Chairman of Oasis of Hope Initiative, personally went to the school to make the donation and was met with enthusiasm and appreciation from the pupils and staff alike. The school’s head teacher expressed their gratitude, stating that the donation would have a tremendous impact on the pupils’ learning journey, providing them with the tools and resources needed to reach their full potential.

Pupils of Osimi Primary School display their goodies from Rev. Ukwute

Reverend Ukwute who attended Osimi Primary School many years ago, emphasized the importance of supporting education, particularly at the primary school level, where children’s foundations are formed. He expressed his hope that the donation would help to make a positive difference in the pupils’ lives, inspiring them to learn, grow, and achieve their goals.

The school’s pupils were thrilled with the donation and eagerly took part in a range of activities, exploring the new learning materials and expressing their excitement for the opportunities they presented. The cleric spent time with the pupils, engaging them in fun learning activities and encouraging them to make the most of the new resources.

Rev. Ukwute Share some words of wisdom with the pupils of Osimi Primary School

The school’s pupils and staff extended their heartfelt thanks to Reverend Ukwute for his generosity and dedication to supporting education. The donation will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the school and its pupils, inspiring them to learn, grow and achieve their goals.

“It’s always a thing of joy to see the children dance and shout for joy after receiving these school materials. I want to thank the head teacher and her team for the good work they are doing. I appeal to all my friends, organizations and well-positioned individuals to join hand with us to extend this to other schools”, Rev. Uwkute added.

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